Seasonal Fishing

With seasonal changes comes different species of fish that can be caught. Below we have listed the times of the year and the types of fish that are more prevalent during the different seasonal months.

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12 Month Fishing Cycle

The start of winter (December, January, February) is a very exciting time for us anglers of the First Coast.  As the water cools down our grouper population tends to move to shallower waters in abundance.  We have a nearshore cobia run that can provide your limit of large cobia in hours.  We also have what is arguably our most famous fishery; LARGE wahoo.  These fish are primarily targeted by high speed trolling, but can also be caught slow trolling.  Every year fish over 100lbs. are weighed.  The regular bottom fish are still on fire too with big triggers, muttons and vermillion snapper.

Spring time (March, April, May) in Florida is our favorite time of year for us anglers.  Be it the beginning of the dolphin (mahi mahi) run or chasing cobia on the beach by sight fishing them off the backs of massive manta rays, you’re going to have a good time!  Don’t be surprised to find a free swimming triple tail or two in the mix as well.  The bottom fish are warming back up with the water and grouper season opens May 1st.  They tend to be very hungry after being left alone from January-April.

Summer (June, July, August) time to us means big mangrove snapper in the chum slick.  Fishing around the moon provides the best results of big mangrove snapper weighing up to 12lbs. and heavier.  The trigger fish, bee liners (vermillion snapper) and mutton snapper are often fighting each other for your bait as well.  The nearshore/offshore kingfish bite is on fire with the slow troll.  We will usually be allotted a few days of red snapper fishing too, depending on what the government decides to do that year.  Special trips will be offered for red snapper if we have a season that given year.  We have an overabundance of these delicious red snapper in our local waters.

Fall (September, October, November) is a great time to get out and target the mutton snapper spawn.  One of our favorite fighting and eating species, they range from 5lbs. to over 20lbs.  An early season wahoo or two can be expected towards the end of fall.  The trigger fish bite is off the charts as well as the other typical bottom fish.  A mahi or two is no surprise either on the flat line while anchored up bottom fishing.